An evening in Muar town

Last Sunday, after sending off aTi (18) to her hostel in Jasin, I quickly drove to Muar town.

I managed to take some photos of the first and second Muar bridges. And along the way, I revisited the giant trishaw which I believed has been repaired recently. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find its chain.

Note: today (Monday) is Sultan of Johor’s birthday and the public holiday in the state. Daulat Tuanku.

9 thoughts on “An evening in Muar town

  1. tetiba bandor Muor jadi cantik sesangat lalu foto en_me, ape2 pun yg dah tergolek, terbongkang, tenggelam kelihatan indah..beca besor tu muat berapa orang ek..? Syok gak pusing2 bandor Muor naik beca kan..kan..

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