Not a Virtual Cake

IT was my birthday yesterday. Ha ha, I am not forcing readers to wish me “Happy Birthday” though ;). Since I already deactivated my Facebook account a long time ago.

What am I missing today? I miss my MOM and no words of mine can express that truly.

For today, thanks to my daughter, aTi, who called me two days earlier from her college. To my dear-cyber-friend who ‘psychologically’ creating a very special ‘virtual cake’ entry for me. To all my family members, who bought me a cake and for those who never call me but still remember me on this day and pray for my best.

Thank you very much.


7 thoughts on “Not a Virtual Cake

  1. Oh kek virtual Dr utk En me ya..hehe..saya ‘muda’ beberapa hari dari En me..le. Kita sama2 Sagi ye..archer! Happy kan sambut dgn org2 tersayang..

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