Month: December 2010

this castle was not the reason why I went to Perak last weekend

Kellie’s Castle is really a good venue for photography. But can you really see a ghost in there?

This time I just took some family photographs from the parking area.

One hour later, when we returned by using the same road, we saw the castle was inundated by many visitors from the grounds up to the top of the tower.

Keynote: night photography in perak

A view from KL Tower is not bad after all

Last Thursday night (of Friday), I initially planned just to take photographs around the tower’s ground area. However, there was a cultural village exhibition is being held over that area and you have to pay an entrance fee to go inside. Therefore, climbing up the tower in 52 seconds and spending the last hour of visiting time was not bad at all.

Tiga Abdul

During this school holiday, I have all my children with me now. So the big plan for the holiday is being well organised by mQ.

The above photo is where we were taking a break at Hutan Bandar (City Jungle) during our latest visit to Johor Bahru city.

Nope, their names are not began with ‘Abdul’, unlike their father’s. And ‘Abdul’ is an arabic word for ‘servant of God’. [+ wikipedia ]. While ‘Tiga Abdul‘ is a 1964 Malaysian comedy film directed by and starring Malaysian silver-screen icon P. Ramlee. And ‘My Three Sons‘ is an American situation comedy series about a Scots-Irish-American family that ran from 1960 to 1972.