Inspired by this blog (Go Katayama), I think I should make one entry about my hometown of Masai, Johor. Hometown lar sangat kann. Lol.

Masai is a town located in east Johor Bahru District, Malaysia, and is the oldest part of Johor Bahru. It is located 25 kilometres from the Johor Bahru city centre. Masai is located on route J10 which leads to Kong Kong, a fishing village along Johor River.

1. This is the back of low-cost shoplots that used to be inundated by floods and after the latest arson of the whole lots, it’s being abandoned.

2. Looking at one of the burnt shoplots.

3. You can always try your luck in this small town (at your own risk). And please ignore the gold color luxury car.

4. Many people still dont believe that our milestones measurement begins at the town post-offices.

5. Maybe this one is located quite far from the post office. It’s about 50meters from its gate.

6. The main road (Jalan Masai Lama – Old Masai Road) is being upgraded and repaved currently as this entry is being updated.

7. Please dont be confused. This earthmover is called the excavator.

8. Now, this chinese temple is being squeezed by new shophouses. Occasionaly, it conducts chinese opera just outside of its compound. And sometimes too, we can see the opera’s dancers or singers changing their costumes and underwears (at the backstage) from the main road.

9. Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice that is then cut into small cakes. It is usually served with vegetables cooked in coconut milk or sayur lodeh.

10. Just wanted to show you one of my breakfast options. Not necessarily my favorites. Please ignore the soft spoken waiter. Lol.

11. It’s always packed with cars during breakfast time in the morning. Sometimes you need to park your vehicles quite far from this premise.

12. This shop is another example of the latest arson victim.

13. I reckon this shopping complex just a few months in business before it was closed down indefinitely.

14. Kip Mart is a popular and successful supermarket and was recently relocated just a few meters away from the busy Jalan Masai Lama trunk road.

15. The main road is heavily being repaved and might looks like a war zone. Hence, this is causing a very bad traffic congestion inside the town itself.

16. The main mosque of the town. It’s located infront of the police station. It can be seen from Pasir Gudang Highway due to its high minaret and big dome.

17. Of course, you can always buy your bus express tickets to KL at this bus terminal. Lol.

This is the end of the photo essay.