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Modenas Kriss 100

This is my son’s motorcyle which his mother bought it in cash.

I changed it’s sport rims and tubeless tyres and sent it to my son in Kota Samarahan for his transportation inside the university.

Keynote: modenas kriss modified

Toyota Unser 1.8 Automatic

I bought my Toyota Unser 1.8 Auto in late September 2001, a few months after my second daughter was born and after I was on national tv.

Updated in 2010: after almost ten years, the van is still doing strong to bring my family and myself travel around the country.

Updated in 2012: after more than 11 years, the van has been sold as a trade-in vehicle to our new Toyota Innova, kak Jnulekasnova.

My Honda City IDSI

I ordered this Honda City IDSI in May 2003 and I got to drive it in November 2003. It was almost six months waiting period. Actually I wanted the blue body color, but due to the Hari Raya festival was coming soon, I just grabbed the metalic one.

Updated: I sold the City to the Honda dealer as a trade-in deal to purchase a new Honda CRV in 2010.