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Arini Senin. Salam Senin to uoolss.

Gambar aQi (bawah) kat tepi pantai Pontian yg sedang giat direnovasi pd ari Sabtu petang kelmarin. Just lucky to get this sunset view, sbb ujan dh turun mencurah2 lima menit sebelum itu.

Pontian Beach

An evening in Muar town

Last Sunday, after sending off aTi (18) to her hostel in Jasin, I quickly drove to Muar town.

I managed to take some photos of the first and second Muar bridges. And along the way, I revisited the giant trishaw which I believed has been repaired recently. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find its chain.

Note: today (Monday) is Sultan of Johor’s birthday and the public holiday in the state. Daulat Tuanku.

Pondok Burukku

I built this house (next to my parents’) when I got my first job. Twenty years ago.

There are so many reasons not to maintain this house.

Now, I decided to demolish it and build a new one in my own land, infront of my parents’.